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Connecticut Laser & Engraving knows that clear, proper, lasting identification of a product or part is vital – and can mean the difference between productivity and costly downtime.

Our skilled technicians are trained for detail, meaning they closely follow your specifications for screen logos, part numbers, decorations, and other crucial details.

Whether you are marking ten or ten thousand items, our precision computer control means that your last production piece will look as good as the first.

That is why our national clients – from defense and aerospace, OEMs, medical device and other manufacturers and businesses – turn to us for high-quality engraving and marking.

Services include:

  • Logo application
  • Text and barcode printing
  • ID matrix
  • Graphics and other decorative elements
  • Parts serialization
  • Tags for process tracking and identification

Connecticut Laser & Engraving works with all types of parts and products including:

  • Medical assemblies
  • Surgical components
  • Industrial
  • Sensors
  • Telecommunication parts
  • Panels and dials
  • Advertising specialty products
  • Highly decorative products
  • Surface mount components