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Wallingford, CT-based CT Laser & Engraving Receive Their Federal Firearms License

Wallingford, CT-based engraving experts, CT Laser & Engraving have recently announced they’ve received their Federal Firearms License. The company’s license will allow their experts to take an active role in engraving firearms and will allow CT Laser & Engraving to become more versatile in response to evolving customer engraving demands.

Effective engraving work is critical for firearms manufacturers as it allows them to place their brand identification as well as the serial number for the firearm directly on the product. To complete this type of work requires superior quality machinery and a commitment to precision within the engraving process. It also requires that companies undergo a thorough review process in order to achieve a Federal Firearms License to permit their involvement within firearms manufacturing processes. The team at Wallingford, CT-based CT Laser & Engraving has now received their firearms license, and is therefore set to become one of the industry leaders for quality engraving work.

Working with the team at Pauway Corp, CT Laser & Engraving is set to offer a comprehensive service that will allow clientele to have their firearms coated and engraved through one streamlined system. Pauway Corp. has recently become certified to perform Cerakote firearms coatings. With CT Laser & Engraving’s new license, this will allow the two organizations to provide a comprehensive service to a broad range of customers, including firearms hobbyists and local law enforcement officials. The experts at CT Laser & Engraving follow strict workplace policies to ensure high quality within every facet of their work. This means clients can look forward to superior engraving for their firearms through the new licensing agreement achieved by the organization.

Effective firearms engraving processes can now be completed directly through the specialists at CT Laser & Engraving.