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CT Laser & Engraving Offering Laser Marking Services as Environmentally-Friendly Alternative to Traditional Ink Markings

Wallingford, CT-based leaders for engraving and printing solutions, CT Laser & Engraving have announced that they’re now presenting laser marking services as a cost-effective and environmentally-friendly alternative to companies currently using traditional ink markings. The firm’s laser marking services enable organizations to harness computer driven technology that support superior repeatability and consistency without the environmental degradation incurred through the use of ink marking products.

Across the commercial marketplace, American companies are searching for production methods that will help them improve upon their end product while further limiting the effect of their work on the natural environment. Products such as ink and natural solvents are not only expensive consumables for most organizations, but their use also has a detrimental effect on the local and global environment. Now, firms are working with innovation leaders such as CT Laser & Engraving to discover new solutions that mitigate the negative environmental effects of their work.

The new CT Laser & Engraving laser marking services are designed to ensure that companies quickly achieve permanent marking for their products. Whether it’s placing logos on product packaging or adding part numbers to the material of a metal piece, the laser marking services now offered by CT Laser & Engraving will ensure that organizations consolidate their investments costs and improve the speed and efficiency of production. Another leading advantage of the laser marking service is that it leaves no tactile impression on the surface of products. This makes laser marking ideal for use with components that are due to be assembled further along the production schedule, as it protects the structural quality of the material.

Companies across Connecticut, New York and Massachusetts can save money, reduce their impact on the environment, and enhance the efficiency of their production schedules by choosing the laser marking services offered by CT Laser & Engraving.