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CT Laser & Engraving Now Offering Professional Results Utilizing the Diamond Drag Engraving Technique

Wallingford, CT-based experts for laser engraving and precision pad printing, CT Laser & Engraving are now offering greater engraving detail through the use of their advanced diamond drag engraving technique. This cutting-edge engraving service is designed for applications involving materials such as brass, aluminum, silver and gold and has been proven to offer equally effective results as computer-driven engraving services.

For New York, Connecticut and Massachusetts companies operating in the commercial marketplace, it’s imperative to achieve precise and durable product identification. From the assembly line to the hardware store, this production identification helps both workers and consumers to correctly match the product to their unique requirements. And so now, leading manufacturers are turning to laser engraving experts such as CT Laser & Engraving for access to the latest marketplace engraving expertise. The company’s latest service involves utilizing a diamond engraver to remove the top colored coatings on products to expose the bare metal underneath.

One of the leading advantages to selecting the services of CT Laser & Engraving for diamond drag engraving applications is that the company’s team has the requisite experience to ensure engraving applications are completed precisely according to the client’s product identification requirements. By harnessing specially-designed equipment, the company is now able to engrave products to the highest levels of precision. The use of the diamond drag technique provides the company’s engravers the flexibility to determine the depth and width of their engraving. This means that CT Laser & Engraving now have a more seamless method for completing complex engraving projects involving challenging depths and widths. It’s the ideal professional service for those seeking expert-level custom engraving.